I work with women one on one via video conference sessions to improve their relationship with food, balance their hormones, and come back home in their bodies. If this sounds like the kind of help you need, awesome! You’ve come to the right place:)

I found Wholly Healed by mistake on Instagram months ago (or so I thought). Back in June after suffering from lethargy, extreme abdominal bloat, fatigue,etc and getting no helpful answers from the doctors, I reached out to Jess. Within the first 15 minutes of my intake she was able to give me an answer for my symptoms and one that made sense; adrenal fatigue. In the months that I have worked with Jess my symptoms have resolved and I have also been able to address deep seeded body issues that I didn’t realize were lingering from an old eating disorder. I’m still healing but working with Jess has changed my life. And now when I look back on it I realized I didn’t stumble on her page but God brought us together by a divine plan.
— Jennifer, 31
I’ve experienced awful PMS and periods for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried every type of birth control that doctors recommended as a solution and that just made everything worse. In addition, I was having trouble sleeping and was fighting anxiety daily. I reached out to Jess in hopes of finding a way to combat these issues.

Jess recommended practical, do-able solutions that have not been hard to incorporate into my active lifestyle at all. I listened to her advice, followed through on my homework steps, and have felt better and better with each session!

I just had the best period I’ve had in years because I followed through with what Jess recommended. No PMS symptoms and minimal period symptoms. I normally take 6-8 ibuprofen a day on my period, this time I took NONE!! I’m sleeping through the night and my anxiety has been minimal. Jess has helped me change my mindset, fuel my body to help it work how it’s supposed to, and empower me to live my purpose.

I could not recommend her more! She’s super knowledgable, a real human being who will share her real life with you, and a woman who’s passionate about helping and encouraging other women. Reach out to her!!
— Sarah, 24
After a month and a half of working with Jess, my life has truly begun to change for the better. Not only is Jess unbelievably kind, and empathetic, but she is also an incredibly knowledgeable scientist. When I originally came to Jess, I came because the title “eating psychologist” piqued my interest. I had been struggling with uncomfortable digestion and it reached such a point that I felt trapped in my own dysfunctional body. I didn’t know what to do. Not to mention the years of struggling with my own body image. After my first session with Jess, she helped me to understand the science behind why my digestive system was functioning the way it was, and she also reminded me that my body was not the only piece of me that needed healing. I truly needed to be wholly healed. From head to toe. Mind and body.
Working with Jess has given me the tools to take control of my life in so many different areas: in my physical, mental, and emotional health. With Jess as my coach and my cheerleader, I have begun to truly love and respect my body and I feel the benefits of this gratitude every single day.
I feel so lucky to have found Jess and I look forward to our conversations every week.
I truly believe that if every woman I know had the chance to talk with Jess each week, we would all lead healthier, happier lives!
— Julia, 22

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