There is a certain breed of women that run their lives based on ‘shoulds’.

What they SHOULD look like, What they SHOULD eat, how they SHOULD act. They are obligers, rule followers, overachievers.

I call them ‘should-ers’.


A ‘should-er’ is often a chronic dieter, desperately seeking to control her body or ‘fix’ herself in an attempt to fulfill what a woman ‘should’ look like. She’s often the one OTHER people rely on for emotional support and wisdom, always putting others in front of herself. She lives in ‘WHEN statements’ - ”I’ll date WHEN/I’ll be happy WHEN/’I’ll love myself WHEN I—lose 10 pounds, clear my skin, get my shit together, etc.

If you are a ‘should-er’, you’re probably REALLY tired.

You’re tired of feeling like your life is run by EVERYONE else (society, their parents, friends, Diet Culture) but you. You look upon carefree, unapologetic women with both envy and admiration, watching the way they stand in their body no matter their size and just OWN IT, without apologizing; the way they do whatever the hell they want and live their life NOW, not waiting for the world to tell them they’re ‘allowed’ to do so.

Do you want more than anything to feel THAT liberated in your body and life, but have NO idea how to get there?

Oh girl, I feel you.

My name is Jess, I’m a previous ‘should-er’ and now I spend my days liberating the people-pleasing rule followers looking for more.


My rat race to uphold the expectations I believed were neccesary to be worthy looked like

-chronically dieting until I developed a full blown eating disorder

-being the friend and daughter who fixed, listened, and gave so much of myself there was nothing left

-prioritizing pleasing my family and parents over developing a true sense of self

-going into a career simply to impress others, and not because I wanted to

-other stupid shit that stopped me from living my life because I was too busy trying to ‘fix’ myself

I have felt stuck, suffocated, and drained beyond belief. I know what it’s like to feel like not at home in your body, and powerless in your own life.

Through pain and deconstruction came healing liberation. This has allowed me to stand confidently, unapologetically not just in my body but in my life as a woman in this world, not afraid to take up space.

With LIBERATED Coaching, I help women shed the ‘shoulds’, get to the root of issues surrounding Body Image and Food, and move BACK into the drivers seat of their own life.

You’ll begin to:

-dig deep into the REAL roots of your body image issues and self esteem

-Create healthy boundaries with yourself and others

-Shed the lies that tell you what you ‘SHOULD’ look like, be like, or do, and start to tune into your own intuition and desires

-Feel peaceful around food and living in your body

-Stop letting what other people think rule your life

Your life isn’t happening on the other side of ‘WHEN I…’. It’s happening now, with or without you. No more letting the world crowd you out of your own life.

Working with Jess destroyed me in the BEST way possible. I had tried binge eating courses, working with multiple people on body image and food issues galore. It wasn’t until Jess that I realized ALL of these issues had much deeper roots that NO ONE had helped me get to like her. She helped me feel normal around food and my body, but also SO MUCH MORE. I feel free in my life for the first time ever.
— Clara S.
I worked with Jess because I felt uncomfortable in my body and relationship with food, and it was SO significant...Jess gave me the space and tools to make decoded shifts in those relationships. She’s badass. And kind and insightful and loving and powerful, and she gave me the opportunity to find those qualities within myself
— Elena L.
Working with Jess has given me the tools to take control of my life in so many different areas: in my physical, mental, and emotional health. With Jess as my coach and my cheerleader, I have begun to truly love and respect my body and I feel the benefits of this gratitude every single day.
— -Julia B.
All I can say is I wish I would have done this sooner....Best thing I’ve ever done for myself
— Sarah L.

How Liberated Coaching Works

  • We will work together for either 4 or 8 months—What is right for you is dependent on what you need, and what’s going on in your life right now. We will work together at least over the span of 4 months to create the growth you are seeking.

  • Weekly 50 minute video conference sessions— Though I do have a general framework of topics and facets I take clients through, these calls are largely dependent on you and where you are at so I can meet each client individually where they are. For the first two months, we do weekly 50 minute calls, then for the remainder of our time together we do hourly bi weekly calls.

  • Unlimited Email communication and office hours of texting support—Sometimes we need to vent, reach out, or process at random outside of session time. Know you are always supported and can reach out any time

  • Homework following each session—Sessions are important, but the growth is happening all the time, not just on our calls. I include guided exercises, journaling prompts, book recommendations, and mindset shifts so you get a constant stream of support and resources to learn from


  1. I want to focus on my relationship with food as well as what you’re offer, is there space for this?

    On of the best results of digging deep into esteem and liberation is uncovering the deep rooted causes for things that disrupt our relationship with food and our body. One of the foundations of Liberated Coaching is undoing negative body narratives and ridding ourselves of toxic Diet Culture Conditioning so we can lean into an intuitive relationship with food and feel more at home in our body

  2. How long is the program?

    Minimum of 4 months with your choice of either 8 or 4 months.

  3. Can I apply if I am currently In treatment for my Eating Disorder?

Liberated Coaching is NOT a replacement for Eating Disorder treatment. Though some of my clients have had Eating Disorders previously, I do not accept clients actively inpatient or in treatment, for both legal and medical reasons. If this is you and you are discouraged, don’t be! I would love to see your application further along in your recovery process, and in the mean time I want to direct you if you haven’t already to seek proper ED treatment by searching for resources near you on the NEDA website.

4. I know you specialize in Hormone Balancing and I am experiencing physical symptoms, are those addressed in this coaching?

Liberated Coaching contains a holistic DUAL sided approach. My insight into women’s health and training in Endocrinology absolutely informs the coaching I give. I am not a replacement for medical supervision, but absolutely care for your hormones as part of the holistic healing process. Particularly considering many chronic dieters experience physical symptoms due to years of restriction and need nuanced guidance to bring their body back into balance. One of the pillars of Liberated Coaching is integrated balance in which I accomplish by detailing hormonal health recommendations myself or, if in need of pointed medical specialists/attention, i make recommendations on how to go about finding the help you need. Either way, you will always be directed to the help and care your body needs.

5. Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept any form of insurance at this time.