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10 Ways to ACTUALLY Detox (and no, a juice cleanse isn't one of them)

Don't let marketing and advertisements lead you to believe "DETOX" is something you have to buy in a cleanse or program. Today I am busting myths about what detox is and how to do it the RIGHT way: according to science and NOT marketing.

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Can Food Guilt ACTUALLY make you sick? Science says YES

Learn how negative self talk and food shaming actually causes you to get sick, become inflamed, initiate unstable weight, and distress digestion. Plus, my top tips for finding food freedom!

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The Pill: What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

ALRIGHT LADIES. Yes, let's ruffle some feathers and get into this. I'm stoked. Partly because I'm slightly majorly caffeinated, but MOSTLY because I am super passionate about opening this dialogue about birth control pills, and the effects they have on our body and mind. Also, I love blowing up myths that doctors seem to unknowingly perpetuate—always.

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