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Hey there, I’m Jess!

I’m a Certified Eating Psychology Coach specializing in Functional Endocrinology and the voice behind all things Wholly Healed. I’m on a mission to redefine health, the NON Diet Culture way. Here at Wholly healed we encourage Empowered Education, discourage Food Policing, and send a big F U to Diet Culture dogma. ** Sass not optional


The Blog

Women's Health the NON diet culture way! Learn all about how to balance your hormones naturally and dig through articles covering everything from Birth control and Hormonal Acne to Digestion and PMS! BONUS: There's Gifs;)


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My plate. My business.~The Tee

THE SHIRT. The shirt made BY you FOR you. After an Instagram post gone viral about the injustices of food policing being another form of Body Policing, this sassy shirt was born., It says everything you wish you could:) p.s. 10% of proceeds go to supporting safe houses for female victims of sex trafficking, learn where to get the shirt behind the movement HERE.


Work With Me

Find out more about what packages I offer for one on one Coaching dedicated to helping you find WHOLE healing in the realm of body image, hormone imbalances, and food freedom. Because whole humans require whole care.



Latest on the Blog...


What to do when your Period goes MIA: Healing HA

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea...It’s the medical term for an AWOL period. A LOT of us chronic dieters have been here before, having our period go missing in a season of over exercising and under eating...OR, more widely understood, it can happen when we go chasing after the unrealistic standard of thinness presented to us in society….

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It all started when…

My story sounds like a lot of women's story these days, one that starts with distorted body image and an all-consuming concern for her appearance, weight loss, and finding the “perfect” diet to fix all my woes. Fast forward to college where I was severely underweight, running marathons, and eating vegan because I thought that was the THING I was supposed to be doing. A few years later I'm diagnosed hypothyroid, haven’t had a menstrual cycle in years, my digestion feels like a losing battle, and my adrenals are in the toilet. Years of over-exercising, undereating (even on nutritious whole foods), and having a debilitating body image eventually caught up with me. I was wholly exhausted, ironically, doing what ALL the magazines and health gurus told me I should do…. READ MY STORY


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